About Us

Our founder has over 23 years of experience in the Health and Fitness Industry. A keen user of health and fitness supplements to support and get the most out of one’s well-being and fitness journey whilst dealing with the pressures of daily life.  As time went by, he found that his fellow gym goers and friends alike would regularly turn to him and seek advice on health and fitness supplements they could utilise for their health and to get the max out of their fitness journey. Our founder felt a growing sense of fulfillment and satisfaction from the positive feedback he was receiving from his fellow gym goers and friends who seemed to be making progress and breaking through plateaus. 

 In late 2021, our founder took steps to realise his passion and launched ‘Navtrex Nutrition’, all with the mindset to bring the best health and fitness supplements to the consumer readily available, hence the company mission was born.  Our motto - Our Mission is Driven by Our Passion.